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Tutanota Calendar logo

Tutanota Calendar

Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted Free plan

Tutanota Calendar is an end-to-end encrypted calendar service from Germany. They are available as an app for iOS and Android or through their Web app.

Chatwoot is an open-source self-hosted live chat software. Besides their website chat integration, they offer an omnichannel panel that enables you to handle all customer requests from different platforms (website, email, social media, WhatsApp) from a centralized standpoint. Messages can be automatically tagged or assigned to people based on certain triggers, e.g., detecting the language of the message and assigning it to someone who speaks that language, or they can be answered by a customizable chatbot.

Qwant Maps logo

Qwant Maps

France EU EU hosted Free plan

Qwant Maps is the navigation app from the French search engine Qwant. Like the search engine itself, it is focused on privacy and is based on open data sources like OpenStreetMap and OpenAdresses.

Monibot logo


Germany EU EU hosted Free plan Price on Request

Monibot monitors your servers and applications and notifies you if something goes wrong. Monibot monitors the following performance indicators and metrics: CPU/Mem/Disk Usage, Disk/Network IO Activity, Database Size, DB Transaction Latency, Website Uptime, HTTP Response Latency, SSL/TLS Certificates, Cronjob Heartbeats, Number of served requests, HTTP Error Rates, and many more. logo

Germany EU EU hosted Free plan is a calendar service from Germany. They enable you to create a calendar and create different access links with different permissions for this calendar. For example, you can share a link with 'read without details' permission with someone you want to meet, and the person can see when you are busy without knowing why you are busy and reach out to you accordingly. You can also create sub-calendars to manage different kinds of dates.

Textshuttle logo


Switzerland EFTA Free plan

Textshuttle is a Swiss translation service. They can translate simple text input, editable files, and PDFs and offer translation solutions for businesses.

Intercolo logo


Uses renewable energy

Intercolo is an object storage provider from Germany. They have very affordable prices including no fees for outgoing traffic and are S3 compatible, which makes migrating easy.

Smartsupp logo


Czech Republic EU Free plan

Smartsupp is a live chat software from the Czech Republic. They offer a live chat integration for your websites where customers can communicate with your colleagues or with a chatbot.

Kolab Now logo

Kolab Now

Switzerland EFTA EFTA hosted Open source

Kolab Now is an email provider from Switzerland. They are open-source and built from the ground up with security in mind and only use open standards for storing data and communication, which prevents vendor lock in. Kolab Now's services are fully end-to-end encrypted and support perfect forward secrecy. Their service is mainly email, but they provide a calendar, a contact, and notes and file storage services too.

Password Depot is a business password manager from Germany. They allow their client to decide where and how to store sensitive information (like passwords, and documents). For example, local storage on the users' device, company-wide server storage, or storage on USBs and any combination of them can be configured. Interaction with the selected storage method can be done via smartphone apps and a web interface.

Publytics is a web analytics service from Italy. They work without cookies and are made for publishers and blog owners, to analyze the best performing authors and articles. If you are currently using another analytics platform, Publytics can import analytics data (in the Google Analytics format) and incorporate it into the further analysis.

Bugfender logo


Germany EU EU hosted Free plan

Bugfender is an error tracking service from Germany. They function mainly as a log storage service, which enables them to show you a full trace of events before a crash and can store logs locally if the device is offline and sync them later. They are built for mobile and web applications.

Mailcoach logo


Belgium EU EU hosted

Mailcoach is email marketing service from Belgium. Mailcoach offers campaign and subscriber management, a templating system and email automation features. To get better statistics, they offer tracking with many privacy settings. The pricing is only dependent on the amount of email sent per month.

mCaptcha is an open-source captcha service for self-hosting. It uses proof-of-work and is compatible with reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha. mCaptcha is licensed under the AGPL license.

Quasr logo


Belgium EU Free plan

Quasr is an IAM service from Belgium. Quasr offers an Authentication with many authentication methods like password-less authentication, SSO with OpenID and custom consents during the registration.

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