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Forgejo is an open-source version control software that is lightweight and fast. The non-profit Git hosting platform Codeberg uses Forgejo as the code base for its platform. It was created as a fork of Gitea after Gitea was acquired by a for-profit company.

Netim is a domain name registrar from France. The ICANN-accredited domain registry offers global Anycast DNS to speed up DNS requests and DNSSEC to prevent spoofing. With every domain registered, you get one email inbox with 1 GB storage for free. logo

Poland EU Price on Request is a marketing automation software from Poland. Besides marketing automation, also offers other services like CRM, live chat and appointment sheduling. offers a modern UI and a simple editor for workflow editing.

Encharge is a marketing automation software from Bulgaria. The tool is easy to use and has a modern user interface. Workflows can be easily created in the interface and there are also templates that include not only predefined workflows for common use cases, but also email templates.

Data and events can be created via API or using their JavaScript client. Integrations for CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce are offered.

Typeform logo


Spain EU Free plan

Typeform is a survey tool from Spain. They focus on an unorthodox, more engaging design of forms and surveys to catch the eyes of your visitors and make filling it out feel effortless for them. The surveys can be embedded into your website or app, and Typeform itself can be integrated into many other software products to integrate perfectly into your workflow. logo

Estonia EU Free plan is a survey tool from Estonia. They allow you to create surveys, design them to the smallest detail, embed them in your site or share them via a URL, and collect responses in no time.

Edkimo logo


Germany EU EU hosted

Edkimo is a survey tool from Germany. They focus on teaching and learning situations and allow you to create surveys from a template, share them with your students and view and discuss the anonymous results in real time. If you are not a teacher or trainer, they offer plans for companies and NGOs too.

Survs logo


Portugal EU Free plan

Survs is a survey tool from Portugal, which allows your team to create branded surveys, share them via their email infrastructure, or URL and analyze the responses in real-time.

Survio logo


Czech Republic EU EU hosted

Survio is a survey tool from the Czech Republic. They are ISO 27001 certified, offer builtin-analytics, full chart customization, guides on surveys for different roles and people, and are available in 17 languages.

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Sweden EU Free plan

SurveyLegend is a survey tool from Sweden. They allow you to create mobile-friendly surveys, even from tablets, and get real-time insights from them.

AidaForm logo


Germany EU Free plan

AidaForm is a survey tool from Germany. They offer a drag and drop form builder with many templates for the survey itself and for the design to get you started.

empirio logo


Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted Free plan No English Website

empirio is a survey tool from Germany. They focus on students who need surveys for their bachelor / master's thesis' and first time users, with their easy and guided online tool.

LamaPoll logo


Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted Free plan No English Website

LamaPoll is a survey tool from Germany, for very secure (ISO 27001) surveys.

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