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VPSBG logo


Bulgaria EU EEA
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VPSBG is a virtual private server hosters from Bulgaria. They offer many types of virtual servers, accept Bitcoin payments and provide DDoS protection.

Timeneye is an Italian time tracking app. They offer integrations for many applications and apps for iOS and Android.

Seeweb logo


Uses renewable energy

Seeweb is an Italian cloud computing platform. Seeweb operates several modern data centers in Italy, which are powered by renewable energy. It offers virtual servers, managed databases and message queuing services.

Paylike logo


Denmark EU EEA

Paylike is a payment provider from Denmark. They support payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay and offer integrations for many shop systems.

cloudscale logo


Switzerland EFTA

cloudscale is a Swiss virtual private server (VPS) hoster. They offer compute types for general purpose, memory optimized and CPU-optimized. All instances have a 99.99% uptime SLA, NVMe SSD storage and include 100 GB traffic per day.

deSEC logo


Germany EU EEA Open Source Free Plan

deSEC is a free and nonprofit managed DNS provider from Germany. deSEC focuses on security features like DNSSEC and DANE and supports many modern record types. The software of the service is open source, and they use a global network of servers for low latency.

Bunny DNS logo

Bunny DNS

Slovenia EU EEA
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Bunny DNS is a managed DNS provider from Slovenia and is a product of the CDN provider Bunny CDN. Bunny CDN offers a global network of DNS servers and is well integrated with the CDN service. All zones are automatically DDoS-protected and there is a possibility to view all DNS calls in a log.

United Domains logo

United Domains

Uses renewable energy

United Domains is a domain name registrar from Germany. They offer 2-Factor-Authentication and DDoS protection.

EuroDNS DNS logo


Luxembourg EU EEA

EuroDNS DNS is the managed DNS product of the hoster and domain registrar EuroDNS from Luxenbourg. They offer up to 50 PoPs and an SLA.

ClouDNS logo


Bulgaria EU EEA Free Plan
Website Affiliate link

ClouDNS is a managed DNS provider from Bulgaria. The offer features like DNS Failover, DNSSEC, GeoDNS and DDoS protection.

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