European Alternatives is a project by Constantin Graf, which collects and analyzes European alternatives to digital services and products, such as cloud services and SAAS products. We regularly receive advice and suggestions from European Alternatives users, so feel free to reach out!

Conditions for a listing

All the products and services listed on European Alternatives meet the following criteria:

European Alternatives also lists open source projects that can be self-hosted. The criteria just mentioned are not relevant for these projects. However, it should be relatively easy to host the product itself.

If you notice that one of the products fails to meet one of the previously mentioned criteria, please contact us.

Suggesting a product/service

Before adding each category, we do research and look for European solutions. As this research takes time and even with the most accurate search, not all great alternatives can be found, European Alternatives relies on suggestions from the community and is always grateful for them.

Suggestions for new alternatives can be submitted via the chat in the bottom right corner or via social media (currently Twitter and LinkedIn). At the moment, we are mostly a one-person team, making it very challenging to respond to your messages "live". It is therefore very helpful if you provide an email address so that we can get back to you, even if you are no longer on the site. Of course, all suggestions will be read and considered even if you don't provide a reply email address.

If possible, the following information would be helpful for a listing:

  • Name or website URL of the product
  • Category in which the product should be listed (if one exists)
  • Link to the logo (optimally in SVG format and close to square)
  • Link to information about the company headquarters

It may take time for us to reply and list a product. So please be patient; we will surely get back to you.


Currently, European Alternatives is privately funded by Constantin. In order for European Alternatives to continue growing, we are looking for other financing possibilities. If you think you can help, please reach out. Partnerships and sponsors are always welcome.

Affiliate marketing

We are currently testing affiliate marketing. For some services that offer affiliate marketing, the link to the service's website is already an affiliate link. These links are marked as such. We try to make sure that services with affiliate links are not given preferential treatment.

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