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European alternatives to Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is a web analytics service by the Russian company Yandex.

This pages lists European Yandex Metrica alternatives from companies based in a member state of the European Union (EU) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Plausible logo


Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted Open source

Plausible is cookie-less and lightweight web analytics service. Because it does not use cookies their is no need to show cookie banner for this service. The software is open-source so it possible to self-host, but they also offer a hosted service.

Simple Analytics logo

Simple Analytics

Netherlands EU EU hosted

Simple Analytics is a Dutch web analytics service that focuses on privacy. An interesting feature of Simple Analytics is that it is possible to see which tweet from Twitter was responsible for which amount of traffic.

Piwik PRO logo

Piwik PRO

Poland EU Free plan

Piwik PRO is a web analytics service from Poland, with analytics, a tag manager and a consent manager. The consent manager is a customizable cookie banner, that asks user for consent.

Visitor Analytics logo

Visitor Analytics

Germany EU EU hosted Free plan
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Visitor Analytics is a web analytics service from Germany. It is cookie-free and supports accurate tracking with heatmaps and also recording mouse movements/scrolling of individual customers. Visitor Analytics also offers rather unusual features like polls and surveys with which feedback can be gathered from customers.

Pirsch logo


Germany EU EU hosted Open source

Pirsch is a web analytics service from Germany, with a focus on privacy. It is lightweight (less than 1KB) and open source. They also offer a Google Search Console integration. Pirsch offers a live demo, which shows there own website traffic.

nilly logo


Uses renewable energy
EFTA EFTA hosted

nilly is a privacy-first web analytics service from Switzerland. They are cookieless, lightweight (less than 1kB) and - thanks to their privacy-by-design approach - compliant with all data privacy laws (like the GDPR, FADP, CCPA, PECR etc.). nilly offers a WordPress plugin and integrates with all other platforms with just one line of code.

etracker logo


Germany EU EU hosted Free plan

etracker is a German web analytics platform that supports consent free and cookie less tracking.

Wide Angle Analytics is a web analytics service from Germany with a focus on privacy. The service claims to be GDPR compliant and is hosted in the EU. It is possible to configure a custom domain and you can choose whether to use cookies or not. Wide Angle Analytics offers integration guides for many platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Ghost and many more. The product is hosted in Europe.

TelemetryDeck logo


Germany EU Free plan

TelemetryDeck is an app and web analytics service from Germany. They offer SDKs for Android, iOS and JavaScript applications. The data is not displayed on the web as with most analytics services, but in an iOS or macOS app.

Mouseflow logo


Denmark EU Free plan

Mouseflow is a web analytics service from Denmark. They offer features like heatmaps, session replay and a feedback system.

Dreamdata is a web analytics service from Denmark with a focus on combining revenue related data from different sources like CRM systems, ad services ect..

Matomo by Stackhero logo

Matomo by Stackhero

Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted Open source

"Matomo by Stackhero" is a managed Matomo service from France provided by Stackhero.

Matomo is a powerful open source web analytics platform.

Stackhero runs each Matomo service on a private instance (VM) with a fully dedicated IPv4 for high performances and security. Websites, members, segments, goals and data retention time are unlimited on Stackhero.

Friendly Analytics logo

Friendly Analytics

Switzerland EFTA EFTA hosted

Friendly Analytics is a web analytics service from Switzerland that offers more advanced features like a tag manger in addition to the normal tracking options.

Friendly Analytics is based on Matomo, a widely used and powerful open-source web analytics software. It is also possible to track users without cookies, which has the advantage that no cookie banner is necessary. Friendly Analytics also advertises its free support via email, videos and audio calls. Those who currently use Google Analytics will also be happy about the import feature.

Sitesights logo


Germany EU Free plan

Sitesights is a web analytics service from Germany. They are privacy-oriented and don't use cookies to give you insights into your customers.

Swetrix logo


Ukraine DCFTA Open source

Swetrix is an open-source web analytics service from Ukraine. They have a focus on privacy and the tracking works cookieless.

Vantevo logo


Italy EU EU hosted

Vantevo is a web analytics tool from Italy, which does not use cookies (no cookie banner needed) and still analyzes traffic trends, user behavior and everything that happens on your website while fully respecting the privacy of your users.

digistats logo


Uses renewable energy
EFTA EFTA hosted Free plan

digistats is a web analytics service from Switzerland. They offer a detailed real-time overview of behavior, technology usage, geographic data and much more of your users.

fusedeck logo


Switzerland EFTA

fusedeck is a web analytics service from Switzerland. The service tracks users' activities in great detail and tracks, for example, how long the user was active on the site and in which areas how much time was spent. It can also be used cookieless.

Alceris logo


Germany EU EU hosted Free plan

Alceris is a lightweight website analytics tool from Germany, which doesn't require a cookie banner is minimal, loads asynchronously and is therefore quite fast. It provides features like real-time data, cross domain tracking and event and campaign tracking.

Publytics is a web analytics service from Italy. They work without cookies and are made for publishers and blog owners, to analyze the best performing authors and articles. If you are currently using another analytics platform, Publytics can import analytics data (in the Google Analytics format) and incorporate it into the further analysis.

SEAL Metrics is a web analytics service from Spain. The service is cookieless and focuses on being legally compliant. They offer plugins for WordPress, Magento, Prestashop and Woo.

Counter logo


Germany EU Open source Free plan

Counter is an open source privacy-friendly web analytics service from Germany. It aims at providing web analytics in a simple, straightforward manner, without the tracking of individual users.

Analyzati logo


Spain EU Free plan

Analyzati is a Spanish web analytics service. It offers cookieless tracking, lightweight tracking code and offers a free plan.

Self-hosted & Open Source

Matomo logo


New Zealand Open source

Matomo is an open source web analytics service, that can be self-hosted. The company behind Matomo is from New Zealand.

Offen logo


Germany EU Open source

Offen is a web-analytics service from Germany. It is open-source and protects users' rights by encrypting their data and allowing them to view what data is stored about them and delete it if they wish too. In addition, user data is only stored for 6 months and their consent banner is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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