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A managed DNS provider can be used to set DNS records for domains. The DNS server provided by a managed DNS provider is also called an authoritative DNS server. It differs from a public DNS resolver or recursive DNS name server in that it contains only the DNS records of the zones it manages. When a computer wants to resolve a domain name to an IP address, this request is usually sent to a public DNS resolver. The public DNS resolver then asks the authoritative DNS server responsible for the domain.

Most domain name registrars provide a managed DNS server that can be used for domains that were bought there. This category focuses on managed DNS providers that offer their services for domains from different registrars and that offer more advanced features like DNS failover or GeoDNS.

This category contains services from companies based in a member state of the European Union (EU) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

European services

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Bulgaria EU EEA Free Plan
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ClouDNS is a managed DNS provider from Bulgaria. The offer features like DNS Failover, DNSSEC, GeoDNS and DDoS protection.

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Bunny DNS

Slovenia EU EEA
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Bunny DNS is a managed DNS provider from Slovenia and is a product of the CDN provider Bunny CDN. Bunny CDN offers a global network of DNS servers and is well integrated with the CDN service. All zones are automatically DDoS-protected and there is a possibility to view all DNS calls in a log.

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Luxembourg EU EEA

EuroDNS DNS is the managed DNS product of the hoster and domain registrar EuroDNS from Luxenbourg. They offer up to 50 PoPs and an SLA.

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