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Bunny DNS is a managed DNS provider from Slovenia and is a product of the CDN provider Bunny CDN. Bunny CDN offers a global network of DNS servers and is well integrated with the CDN service. All zones are automatically DDoS-protected and there is a possibility to view all DNS calls in a log.

DNS Failover Yes
DNSSEC available No


Bunny DNS is free for the first 10 million normal calls or 1 million smart queries. After that, you will be charged per million. All Bunny services have a 1 dollar minimum per month. This means that if the pay-per-use of all Bunny services is not used to at least 1 dollar, 1 dollar will still be charged.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.


Domain name Usage type Lookup type Hosting provider
kiki.bunny.net Core Service Web Report
coco.bunny.net Core Service Web
  • StackPath LLC (AS12989)
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Bulgaria EU Free plan
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ClouDNS is a managed DNS provider from Bulgaria. The offer features like DNS Failover, DNSSEC, GeoDNS and DDoS protection.

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RcodeZero is a managed DNS provider from Austria. They use Anycast technology to resolve names with over 40 servers worldwide and they support IPv6. It is a sub-company of the Austrian domain registrar for the country top-level domain “.at”. They also provide managed DNS services for domain registrars.

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