Tebi is an S3-compatible object storage provider with a free tier of 25 GB of storage and 250 GB of traffic. Tebi can also replicate data across data centers to ensure high reliability.


Pay As You Go

Data storage: 0.02 $/GB/month Incoming data traffic: free Outgoing data traffic: 0.01 $/month Free storage: 25GB Free traffic: 250GB


Tebi also offers two plans with fixed price per month. The "Transfer Oriented" plan offers extra traffic for $500/month and "Storage Oriented" offers extra storage for $1200/month.


Domain name Usage type Lookup type Hosting provider
s3.tebi.io Core Service Web Report
client.tebi.io Management of Core Service Web Report
tebi.io Representation Web Report
docs.tebi.io Documentation Web Report
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