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SysEleven MetaKube is a managed Kubernetes service from Germany. They are CNCF-certified Kubernetes service provider and offer their own OpenStack infrastructure in Germany. In addition to selling Kubernetes clusters they also provide building blocks like database or observability applications that can be installed on the cluster.


The pricing of a cluster starts at €0,1 per cluster hour (about €80 per month). The next plan also contains curated managed applications.


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The data center in Berlin is powered with renewable energy.

Read more on the sustainability page of the service.

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Scaleway is a cloud provider with a variety of services. Besides the public cloud called Scaleway Elements, they also offer dedicated servers and even renting racks in data centers.

The public cloud Scaleway Elements offers all the important components of a general cloud provider. There are virtual servers, an object storage service that is S3-compatible, DNS and VPC. They also offer some managed services like managed kubernetes or managed databases. The managed databases available are MySQL and PostgreSQL.

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gridscale is a cloud computing platform from Germany. Like most general cloud providers, gridscale provides virtual servers, managed Kubernetes, managed databases, load balancers and object storage. They offer a big variety of database types like Postgres, Microsoft SQL, MariaDB, MySQL and Redis as a cache and as a storage. They also provide managed NFS (network file storage) servers, that can be helpful to share data between Kubernetes nodes. gridscale offers servers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

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