inwx is a German domain name registrar with a large selection of TLDs.

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Gandi logo


France EU EEA

Gandi is a domain registrar with a lot of different top-level domains and afordable prices. They also offer other services like hosting and email. Gandi offers 2FA and it is possible to create organisation accounts where multiple users have access.

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United Domains

Uses renewable energy

United Domains is a domain name registrar from Germany. They offer 2-Factor-Authentication and DDoS protection.

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Hostinger Domain

Lithuania EU EEA
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Hostinger is a hoster based in Lithuania, which among other products also offers a domain name registry. Hostinger offers 2FA and it is possible to grant other users access to your account.

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Austria EU EEA

easyname is a Austrian domain registrar with good prices. They offer most top-level domains, but some of the rarer (f.e. .io) are not that affordable. They also don't offer 2FA, multi user accounts and their account managment is a bit old fashioned. For simple use cases it should still be more than enough. A big plus is that they offer SEPA direct payment which makes paying the yearly fee a bit easier.

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