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EmailLabs is an transactional email service from Poland. It offers an API and SMTP relay. The service also tracks if the email has arrived and if it has been opened.


EmailLabs offers a free plan that includes 24,000 emails. The cheapest Pro plan starts at 23€/month. The individual plans have different feature sets and it is possible to purchase additional emails for all plans.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.


Domain name Usage type Lookup type Hosting provider Core Service Web Report SPF domain Outgoing mail
  • VERCOM S.A. (AS29205)
  • VERCOM S.A. (AS59828)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) (AS16509)
  • Cyber_Folks S.A. (AS34360)
  • VERCOM S.A. (AS47348)
  • VERCOM S.A. (AS42945)
  • VERCOM S.A. (AS204964)
  • DigitalOcean (AS14061)
Report Management of Core Service Web
  • VERCOM S.A. (AS29205)
Report Management of Core Service Web Report Representation Web Report Documentation Web
  • Cyber_Folks S.A. (AS29522)
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Scaleway Transactional Email (TEM) is a transactional email service from the French cloud provider Scaleway. Scaleway TEM offers an API and an SMTP relay for easy integration. Which mails were sent and if they were delivered can be monitored in a dashboard. It offers a free plan of 300 emails per month, and you are only charged by use.

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