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Monibot monitors your servers and applications and notifies you if something goes wrong. Monibot monitors the following performance indicators and metrics: CPU/Mem/Disk Usage, Disk/Network IO Activity, Database Size, DB Transaction Latency, Website Uptime, HTTP Response Latency, SSL/TLS Certificates, Cronjob Heartbeats, Number of served requests, HTTP Error Rates, and many more.


Their free plan is made for smaller and private projects. For bigger plans you have to contact the Monibot team.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.


Monibot is hosted in Germany.

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Oh Dear

Belgium EU EU hosted

Oh Dear is an uptime monitor from Belgium. It offers status pages and many ways to be informed about problems. It also scans the whole site for broken links or mixed content.

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France EU Free plan

Hyperping is an uptime monitoring and status page service from France. Hyperping offers three different types of uptime checks. The standard API/website monitor using HTTP, Ping (ICMP), or ports, from different countries around the world. Cron monitoring where an alert goes off as soon as a cronjob does not report to Hyperping in a specified time period to check that cronjobs are really still running. And finally, end-to-end browser testing with Puppeteer and Playwright, which can periodically test entire user flows, such as a login process, for proper functionality.

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