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MeisterTask is a project management software from Germany. They allow you to manage your projects and track the progress and development of them from getting the idea to completion. This is done via a kanban project board, task scheduling (including calendar integration), time tracking and a personal agenda. If you need insides about your project, you can either view the current status of the project in a dashboard or generate a report. In addition, you can automate tedious tasks and integrate their API into your systems.


Their free plan works for up to 3 projects with unlimited members, but does not include automations and reports. The Pro plan for €12.50 monthly per user and the business plan for €22.50 monthly per user both have unlimited projects and provide you with access to more features, including automations, reports and for the business plan, roles and permissions.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.


Their services are hosted behind the Cloudflare CDN.

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Germany EU Open source Free plan

OpenProject is a project management software from Germany. They are open-source and can be self-hosted, but also offer on cloud solutions. They are built around tasks which can be viewed in different ways, for example in a Kanban board, a timeline or in a calendar. These tasks can be assigned to people and created by everyone. OpenProject can be integrated into other services, and you can build your own integrations with their API.

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Zenkit Projects

Germany EU Free plan

Zenkit Projects is a project management software from Germany. They focus on eas-of-use without making it hard for advanced users by providing different interfaces for different users. You can create goals and tasks to reach those goals, create timelines and deadlines for certain tasks, integrate the timelines into your favorite calendar service and improve the experience with Zapier integrations. A live report of all projects is always available, and you can see the workload of each user to balance it evenly.

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