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European alternatives to GitHub

GitHub is a version control service from Microsoft. It is very well known as it is used by many important open source projects for version control.

This pages lists European GitHub alternatives from companies based in a member state of the European Union (EU) or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

JetBrains Space is a Git version control service from JetBrains a company from the Czech Republic known to many for its IDEs. It offers all the features known from the big competition like GitHub or GitLab. You can create merge requests, perform code reviews, there are CI/CD pipelines and you can create private package repositories. A special feature, besides the very modern UI, is that it is very well integrated into the IDEs of JetBrains. The private package repositories feature currently supports Maven, NuGet and npm.

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GitLab by Stackhero

Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted

"GitLab by Stackhero" is a managed GitLab service from France provided by Stackhero. GitLab is an open source version control service including issues, wikis, pages and CI/CD pipelines.

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Netherlands EU

GitLabHost is a managed GitLab hoster from the Netherlands. GitLab is an open-source version control service of which there is a cloud and an on-premise solution. GitLabHost uses the onpremise solution and hosts this fully managed in the EU. They are also a partner of GitLab which makes it possible to host the closed-source pro-versions of GitLab.

GitLabHost offers the possibility to buy servers in different sizes and there are also dedicated servers for GitLab runners. A Gitlab runner runs the jobs of the continuous integration tools of Gitlab. The runner can also be used for Gitlab instances that are not hosted by GitLabHost.

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Germany EU EU hosted

Codeberg is a version control service for open-source projects from Germany. It is built with the open-source version control software Forgejo.

Self-hosted & Open Source

GitLab is an open-core version control software. GitLab offers a community edition that can be self-hosted and is open source, and a proprietary version that adds additional features to the open source version.

Forgejo is an open-source version control software that is lightweight and fast. The non-profit Git hosting platform Codeberg uses Forgejo as the code base for its platform. It was created as a fork of Gitea after Gitea was acquired by a for-profit company.

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