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Codeberg is a version control service for open-source projects from Germany. It is built with the open-source version control software Forgejo.


Codeberg is hosted in the EU using the hoster IN-Berlin.

Domain name Usage type Lookup type Hosting provider Core Service Web
  • Individual Network Berlin e.V. (AS29670)
Report Static Content Web
  • Individual Network Berlin e.V. (AS29670)
Report Documentation Web
  • Individual Network Berlin e.V. (AS29670)
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JetBrains Space is a Git version control service from JetBrains a company from the Czech Republic known to many for its IDEs. It offers all the features known from the big competition like GitHub or GitLab. You can create merge requests, perform code reviews, there are CI/CD pipelines and you can create private package repositories. A special feature, besides the very modern UI, is that it is very well integrated into the IDEs of JetBrains. The private package repositories feature currently supports Maven, NuGet and npm.

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GitLab by Stackhero

Uses renewable energy
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"GitLab by Stackhero" is a managed GitLab service from France provided by Stackhero. GitLab is an open source version control service including issues, wikis, pages and CI/CD pipelines.

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