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This product is listed as “Self-hosted & Open Source”, which is why it does not necessarily have to be European.

mCaptcha is an open-source captcha service for self-hosting. It uses proof-of-work and is compatible with reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha. mCaptcha is licensed under the AGPL license.

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Friendly Captcha is a captcha service from Germany that helps users protect websites from bots. It works in such a way that no interaction with the captcha service is necessary except for clicking on a checkbox. Thus, the user does not have to select images or decipher bent letters.

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CaptchaFox is a captcha service from Germany, that protects users against bots and spam. It is privacy-focused, accessible, and they offer a free plan. Integrations for WordPress, Node, Vue and React are provided and the multi-user dashboard allows administrators to design the captcha widget.

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