Captcha is a captcha service from Austria. The proof-of-work system used, does not require user interaction. They offer a WordPress plugin, a Keycloak extension and a Joomla integration.

Captcha is a subsidiary of media print, a major magazine publisher in Austria.


The pricing for Captcha starts at €8.90/month (billed monthly) for 1,000 requests/month on one website.

Read more about the pricing of the service here.


Captcha provides a custom endpoint, hosted on Mediaprint's servers in Austria. The default endpoint has Akamai's CDN in front of it.

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Friendly Captcha is a captcha service from Germany that helps users protect websites from bots. It works in such a way that no interaction with the captcha service is necessary except for clicking on a checkbox. Thus, the user does not have to select images or decipher bent letters.

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