Timely is a time tracking app from Norway with a focus on automatic tracking. The app tracks the user's activities on the computer and allows them to assign these activities to tasks. The recorded activities are not visible to the employer.


The cheapest plan starts at $10 per month ($8 per year). The features are the same in all plans, only the number of projects and teams increases.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.


Domain name Usage type Lookup type Hosting provider
api.timelyapp.com Core Service Web Report
app.timelyapp.com Core Service Web Report
auth.memory.ai Authentication Web Report
timelyapp.com Representation Web Report
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Toggl Track is a time tracker from Estonia with a great set of features and integrations. Apps are offered for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. For some integrations, browser addons for Firefox and Chrome are also offered, which can be used to start the time tracking with the relevant info from the web app. Other integrations are native, which means that they do not require a browser add-on.

Timing is a German time tracking app for macOS. The native macOS app tracks activities in great detail and makes it easy to assign time spent in applications to projects.

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