Reverso is a machine translation service from France. In addition, Reverso offers a grammar checker and tools to find synonyms and conjugate words.


Reverso offers a free plan that can be used to translate text up to 2500 words. If you need more words or you need to translate documents you they offer two paid plans starting at 6.49 EUR/month.

Read more about the pricing of the service here.

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DeepL logo


Germany EU Free plan

DeepL is a translator service that stands out for its very good translation quality. It doesn't support as many languages as Google Translate, but new ones are added all the time and there are already so many that it's unlikely to reach its limits.

ModernMT logo


Italy EU Free plan

ModernMT is a translation service from Italy, which improves from corrections and adapts to the context of the whole document and not just the last sentence. The parent company Translated (also based in Italy) offers human reviewed translation and access to the machine translation API too.

eTranslation logo


Belgium EU Free plan

eTranslation is a machine translation service provided by the European Commission. It is free to use for public administrations, universities and small and medium-sized companies based in the EU. It can only be accessed after a registration.

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