Mullvad VPN

MullvadVPN is a VPN service with over 700 servers in 38 countries. They offers apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Firefox (Add-On), which are all open source on GitHub.


The pricing of MullvadVPN is very simple. The only offer one plan for 5€/month and there are no discounts for longer contract periods.

Read more about the pricing of the service here.

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Netherlands EU

GOOSE VPN is a VPN service from the Netherlands. It has a no-logging policy, 24/7 email support, unlimited devices and more than 100 servers worldwide. They offer special servers for P2P and streaming.

Xeovo is a VPN service from Finland. It has a no-logging policy and servers in 16 locations all over the world.

CyberHost is a VPN service from Romania with servers in 91 countries. It offers clients for a lot of platforms including smart TVs.

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