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Proton Pass is a password manager from Switzerland. It is open-source and independently audited, end-to-end encrypted using the same encryption as the other proton services and supports multiple features like generating secure passwords, autofilling passwords on all devices, password sharing via password-vaults and encrypted note-taking. In addition, it doubles as an identity management service, meaning it can provide email aliases to hide your true email from unwanted parties. Proton Pass offers apps for iOS and Android and Browser Add-ons for all major browsers.


Their free plan offers unlimited logins and notes on unlimited devices, vaul-sharing with up to 3 people and 10 email aliases. The plus plan for €4.99 monthly, offers, in addition to the features provided in the free plan, unlimited email aliases, integrated 2FA, multiple password-vaults and vault sharing with up to 10 people.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.


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  • Proton AG (AS62371)
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  • Proton AG (AS62371)
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