This product is listed as “Self-hosted & Open Source”, which is why it does not necessarily have to be European.

Nextcloud is an open source file hosting service for self-hosting. The German company behind Nextcloud sells enterprise support for safe and compliant usage in companies or other organizations. In addition to file hosting services, which is marketed as Nextcloud Files, there is also Nextcloud Talk and Nextcloud Groupware. Nextcloud Talk offers audio and video calls and Nextcloud Groupware a calendar, contacts and email management. All products together are called Nextcloud Hub.


The product is open source, so everybody can host it for free. The support plans start at €36/user/year.

Read more on the pricing page of the service.

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Slovenia EU EU hosted Free plan

Koofr is a file hosting service from Slovenia. They offer a web application and apps for iOS, Android and macOS.

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