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Uses renewable energy
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GOOD is a non-profit search engine from Germany. It uses the search index of the Bing search engine. All advertising revenue is donated to charity and the non-profit is B Corp certified. Before a rebranding in 2022 GOOD was called gexsi.


GOOD is hosted in Germany.


GOOD is carbon neutral and, as a non-profit organization, supports projects that counteract climate change, among other things.

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Uses renewable energy

Ecosia is a search engine with a focus on sustainability. The company donates 80 percent of its surplus revenue, which it generates through advertising, to conservation projects. In addition, the servers are CO2 neutral.

The search results of the search engine come from Bing and are optimized with its own algorithms.

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France EU EU hosted

Qwant is a French search engine that advertises privacy. It is one of the few search engines that has its own search index. Also, like other search engines, it offers special search types and a map.

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Uses renewable energy
EU EU hosted

Metager is a German metasearch that combines search results from other providers. It is a non-profit association, the source code is open and the servers run on green electricity. Metager also advertises high privacy.

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Switzerland EFTA EFTA hosted

swisscows is a Swiss search engine with a focus on privacy and family friendliness, as they try to prevent explicit content. swisscows uses the Bing search index, but also a self-made one.

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Germany EU Open Source

Xayn is a search engine from Germany. It uses federated learning to improve search results locally based on your search behavior. The federated learning uses XayNet, a open source framework for Masked Federated Learning, developed by the company. Currently, search only works through the Xayn app for Android and iOS.

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